About Us


Nancy & Stella Bakery was founded by mother-and-daughter Nancy & Stella in 2019. After a year of recipe creation and concept development, they launched an online shop. Nancy was born and raised in New York City and received a degree in Business Management before realizing the only occupation that made her truly happy was baking. Inspiration for the menu comes from the classic desserts that Nancy had during her childhood in New York City. Drawing on the theme of exploration, she taps into her deep experience with American baking, adding a modern twist, and the result is a memorable menu that takes food you know, and makes it food you love!
Nancy & Stella’s method of small batch mixing ensures a level of attention for our cakes and pastries. We wish our bakery to be at the heart of our own local community, and for people to connect through common food. We consider it our responsibility as artisan bakers to keep this tradition and to offer the best cakes and pastries possible.
We're looking forward to serving you!